FAREXPO Group of Companies



FarExpo Group of Companies today is rightfully considered one of the leading exhibition organizers in the Northwest of Russia. We organize 20 % of all exhibitions in Saint-Petersburg. Over past 19 years 7 000 000 visitors attended our Moto, Fashion Industry, Furniture and other shows. FarExpo is one of the top three companies in the North-West Russian exhibition market.

Nowadays FarExpo harmoniously combine emotional communication with business cooperation. Company’s Exhibition package includes 15-17 annual specialized exhibitions, which meet all the needs of modern industrial sectors and market demand in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow.

The main purpose of FarExpo is not just an increase of the event amount but also a continuation of qualitative growth in our activities. A good idea of an exhibition can be ruined by providing the services that do not meet participants’ expectations. Basic services that make the show happen are taken as a given, however the poor quality of these services can be easily noticed and causes discontent among the visitors and exhibitors. Special services, in contrast, attract attention and impress the exhibitors. Special service package can include tailor-made marketing research, a piece of advice on PR events and advertising campaign aiming to increase the benefit from trade show participation.

Exhibitors ordering the construction of their booth in FarExpo participate each next year and become regular exhibitors of our annual events in 7 cases out of 10. This fact indicates that exhibitors are satisfied with the commercial effect of participation and services provided by the organizer.


“Our success is the success of our exhibitors” - believes the team of FarExpo. We make our best to turn it into reality. On the whole, the business of our company aims to achieve the main goal: to create ideal conditions for meeting of professional customers and manufacturers.

Being guided by a well known notion “The client should be happy”, FarExpo Company ensures respect of exhibitors’ interests and providing full range of services from booth design and construction to development of media strategies and hospitality services.

The name of the company derives from Latin word “fare” meaning “create” that corresponds to the image of the company and its innovative policy. Corporate slogan “Contacts that matter” represents company’s mission and the communicative role of exhibitions. FarExpo Company will continue creating a comfort business atmosphere for its business clients.

The company doesn’t rest on its laurels and is intended to implement new ideas in organization of large scale exhibitions and to create opportunities for communications between all the market players.