Why Exhibit?

There is nothing that equals an exhibition: only during the fair you may get a personal contract with your potential customers, partners and competitors at neutral area, get to hear about new market trends and take part in their formation.

Exhibitions today acquire a special status driven by modern economic conditions. They are becoming a ribbon that helps us to see which companies has stayed the course, and which withdrawed the market, what niches are vacant and how to plan your tactics and strategy in new conditions.

who is not at the show that is not in the business: marketing pro trade fairs

In the diversity of marketing methods the exhibitions and fairs have proven to be the most effective. It was confirmed by countless research conducted at leading exhibitions worldwide.

the global Association of the exhibition business (ufi) reseach

Exhibitions and fairs are more than marketing tool, in point of fact, it’s your market. Being a platform of personal meeting in its essence it’s a place where main part of your goals is attained.

Keeping in mind your basic purposes, product promotion, market placement, sales, exhibitions and fairs allow you to:

  • Find new buyers/customers
  • Rise client’s loyalty
  • Renew contracts with  buyers/customers  
  • Market products and services
  • Demonstrate the whole range of products and services  
  • Intensify sales process
  • Create a new image
  • Consolidate PR activities
  • Draw mass media attention

Michelin Company manager, France says: «The fairs – a privileged forum, it allows us to meet not only our buyers and potential clients, but the key persons of the enterprises, decision makers and journalists, specialized in our sector. In comparison with advertising exhibition participation lets you demonstrate clearly quality of the products.

An additional point is that, the exhibitions and fairs – the most effective tool of evaluation, knowledge and interaction.

And therefore, besides business opportunities provided by the exhibitions and fairs mentioned above they help enterprises to:

  • Learn more about clients and their expectations
  • Get a prompt feedback on their products
  • Make a data base
  • Investigate a market, competition, estimate your market potential
  • Keep up with innovations and new technology
  • Hold down your market presence
  • Find agents and distributors
  • Initiate a foundation of alliances and joint ventures
  • Headhunt  

According to a representative of United Technologies Corp., USA, there is a number of reasons for the exhibitions to be so successful. Our company is a manufacturer of aero-engines and an exhibition is the only real method of our products demonstration. The exhibitions gather in one place   buyers of the highest level, the main players of the sector, who come to evaluate the products displayed and get answers to their questions. 

And another benefit of the exhibitions and fairs – they give a high ROI/rate eared on total assets.

According to a research conducted in France (L'Avenir du Media Salon, Public Systeme/Comexpo/Ipsos, 1999), 65% indicated exhibition participation to be one of the most cost efficient methods of advertising.

AUMA research

In 2007 AUMA started new promotion campaign proclaiming «Trade fairs are your success» to broaden exhibitors knowledge on the exhibitions and fairs as a marketing tool.

This campaign was aimed to attract small and medium-sized businesses to the exhibition participation.

The main principal of the campaign is that trade fairs make companies successful providing them an opportunity to display new products and contact their customers directly, as visitors of these events are constantly in search of new suppliers and mainly they are the decision makers.

In this campaign trade fairs are said to be an effective enterprise’s tool for a turnover of commodity growth, their expansion (gaining new markets), stipulating activities and decision making.


According to CEIR (Center of Exhibition Industry Research, USA) poll:

  • Expenditures for bargaining at the exhibitions in general are 40% less, than in other circumstances;
  • 90% companies’ representatives responsible for making decisions think of the exhibitions as the best channel of purchasing;
  • Products demonstration at the trade fairs six-fold over affects the sales than other means of promotion.
  • Visual effect of the exhibition sample display may last over 14 weeks.

A TNS Emnid (Germany) pool conducted in 2007 among German businessmen shown, that 82% of them consider the trade fairs to be the most fruitful source of business-contacts. The exhibitions are far ahead of business magazine advertising (54%), and special events (presentations) (39%), Internet adds (38%). Exhibitions participation or visiting is on the business calendar of 86% German companies. 18% of businessmen been asked are expecting a growth of the exhibition’s role in their business.

The experts expect a considerable growth in number of visitors at leading shows, as at rough times professionals and entrepreneurs are in the alert not to miss something vital – information, contacts and even rumors. At such times you can’t make deals without looking into the eyes of a partner, which is best done at the trade fairs.