The 2oth International Specialized Exhibition of Natural Gas Industry and Technology for Gas Facility “Ros-Gas-Expo” took place within the frames of the Petersburg International Gas Forum in Saint Petersburg on 4-7 October 2016.

Organizer – OOO FAREXPO

In 2016 the trade fair marked its 20th anniversary. Organizers were recognized by the heads of federal sector agencies, regional authorities and business partners. Opening the event, deputy chairman of St. Petersburg Committee for Industrial Policy and Innovation Sergey Talnishnih thanked the organizers for an exciting event, "Saint-Petersburg Government pays special attention to energy efficiency, including industrial plants. With all the confidence I can say that such exhibitions promote the popularization and development of the industry of the energy market in our city."

Chairman of the Congress Organizing Committee "Energy saving and energy efficiency - the dynamics of growth” Rashid Artikov noted the importance of the subject: "We have a lot of recent talk about import substitution. Look around and tell me, is not this support domestic manufacturer? Have not we discussed in this event innovative technology, devices made in Russia? General Director of the exhibition company FAREXPO Oleg Shost welcomed all participants on behalf of the organizers:"The organization of the exhibition - a very complex process, so the management of events is making a huge effort to make your participation as effective as possible”.

The leading companies of the field have become the exhibitors of ROS-GAS-EXPO- 2016: PTO "Volga-Gaz", LLC "REAL", JSC "Gazprom Gas Distribution Vladimir", LLC "Turbulence-Don", LLC "ROSGAZ", LLC "ITGAZ", PKF "EX-FORM", OOO "Elster Gazelektronika", "TehForm Center" LLC.

For the first time in St. Petersburg X-Fittings (Poland), «GMR GAS sro» (Czech Republic), JEREH GROUP (China), KOREA GAS ENGINEERING (South Korea), Ltd. "AIR-GAS" (Russia), St George's rebar plant (Russia), ring blanks plant (Russia), Tsvetlit (Belarus) and others are been presented.

ROS-GAS-EXPO trade fair has traditionally been a pplatform for showcasing innovative products and technologies. Many exhibitors presented their new developments:

  • HIMSERVICE company specialists demonstrated installation for soldering of terminal leads to the line pipe PKV Mendeleevets, which is an alternative of thermit welding. Due to automatic control of welding we get fail-save joint of cable and a pipe line;
  • In TsentrTehForm stand special attention was drawn to a new welding machine in the line of vehicles “Barbara” (BARBARA COMPACT GPS) with a maximum range of functions typical for premium Barbara devices, including the identification and recording of welding seam coordinates. This machine is designed for welding fittings with embedded heaters made of polyethylene and polypropylene;
  • Developers of "ELTECH" LLC presented the optical gas detector FINE-01. The basis of the sensor is a modern optical sensor of gas concentration, allowing obtaining a number of advantages in operation compared to common sensors based on catalytic thermal sensors.
  • Product line "EMIS" is based on the measurement methods 7 and includes 13 types of flow meters, 35 kinds of devices and associated equipment. What's New in 2016: EMIS-VORTEX 200 - intelligent vortex flow meters with digital electronics, EMIS ULTRA-290 - ultrasonic flow meters EMIS-ESCO 2230 - for gas systems;
  • Stavropol radio factory "Signal" to offer visitors new models of cathode protection stations based on inverter converter with redundant RMS-SP-B4R and packaged RMS-SP-MN1K.

Participants appreciated the exhibition: almost every booth you could get acquainted with the developments in 2016 and the updated product line. Ccompared to 2015 the composition of exhibitors significantly updated and, consequently, opportunities for negotiation became more extended.

Work of LLC EPO Signal at the exhibition ROS-GAZ-EXPO brings positive results, the development of mutual cooperation is gaining momentum - said Stanislaw Makarov, Head of Sales Development Bureau Gas Ltd. EPO Signal. – “In 2016 the exhibition was most productive for the development of relations with institutions of the Republic of Crimea, as in previous years was more of a transitional period. We hope that there will be representatives of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions in 2017”.

The exhibition hosted the annual professional contest "Innovative solutions in energy saving." Competition Commission has determined the best companies in the following categories:

  • «The best solution for import substitution" - LLC "Gas-Tel" (Lipetsk);
  • «The best solution in the field of commercial accounting" - JSC "Gazprom gas distribution Vladimir";
  • «The best regional project in the field of heat, electricity and gas" - JSC "Gazprom gas distribution Vladimir”.

Jointly with ROS-GAZ-EXPO in the same place were held the specialized exhibitions Boilers & Burners and Energy-Saving. Power Efficiency. Innovative technology and Equipment 2016, as well as the International Congress “Energy-Saving. Power Efficiency – Dynamics of Growth”.

Over 300 exhibitors from 16 countries took part in the exhibition. 7 200 specialists from 216 cities and 22 countries have visited the trade fair.

“Our company regularly participates in the exhibition ROS-GAZ-EXPO for several years. For us it is always a great event that allows us to "feel the pulse", track new trends and prospects of development of the gas industry, to assess their own capabilities. Exhibition ROS-GAZ-EXPO - a meeting place for professionals, new contacts, and the ability to personally communicate with experts from different regions.

I would like to thank the company Farexpo for the professional organization of the event”.

Valery Smirnov,
General Director
ООО Aviton

“Gazprom gas distribution Vladimir participated in the exhibition ROS-GAZ-EXPO the eighth consecutive year and to us as a constant to the participants, most notably as the increasing every year the scale of the forum: the number of participants, the quality of the products has increased significantly, increasing opportunities for and expanding partnerships. Forum, indeed, is becoming increasingly popular platform for the discussion of topical issues of oil and gas industry. Growing requirements to the quality of goods and services from customers, consumers, including those who are members of the exhibition partners, make, do not stop there. So we are also improving and the traditional exhibition products: remotely controlled dispatching systems "Megapolis-TM", and introduce new software Comprehensive information program "Megapolis", by which automates almost all the activities of the gas distribution company”.

Oleg Kolobkov,
Head of Department
Gazprom gas distribution Vladimir

“ROS-GAZ-EXPO in St. Petersburg has once again demonstrated the growing brand awareness «VOLZHANIN». Visitors of the exhibition not only just learned of the plant equipment but also suited to the plant stand with knowledge and specific issues. Feedback from exhibitors and visitors, including direct competitors in recent authority "Volzhanin" in the market of welding equipment has grown largely due to the introduction in the production of its own technical developments, which ultimately has a positive effect on improving the quality of products, and allows you to compete with foreign manufacturers of machines for butt welding of polyethylene pipes.

In addition, a special excitement caused a demonstration of the process of welding of polyethylene pipes at the stand "Volzhanin" plant - anyone could try to weld the pipe devices Volzhanin CNC with logging device.

Participation in such international exhibitions not only has a positive effect on the growth of awareness of the plant and its products, but also allows the representatives of the plant, in particular the design office, to exchange experiences and ideas with other participants from Russia and other countries”.

Yaroslavl Zhivkin
ООО Volzhanin