The 14th International Specialized Exhibition of heat-power engineering Boilers & Burners 2016 took place in Saint Petersburg on 4-7 October 2016.

Organizer – OOO FAREXPO

Boilers & Burners exhibition over the years has become an effective platform for the integration of experience and the establishment of mutually beneficial contacts. Every year the project gathers experts of the fuel and energy complex of Russia and foreign countries - the leaders of the federal and regional authorities, the leading fuel companies, specialized public and scientific organizations.

Opening the exhibition, the deputy chairman of St. Petersburg Committee for Industrial Policy and Innovation Sergey Talnishnih thanked the organizers for an exciting event, "Saint-Petersburg Government pays special attention to energy efficiency, including industrial plants. With all the confidence I can say that such exhibitions promote the popularization and development of the industry of the energy market in our city. " Director General of NP "Russian Heat" Vassily Polivanov told about the problems to be solved in the course of the event: "Our task on this site, together with the authorities of the federal and regional level to identify the vector in the next five years. We would like to thank the organizers for the conditions created”.

According to experts, BOILERS & BURNERS is a large-scale thematic exhibitions in Russia.

“The exhibition Boilers and Burners was the most anticipated event of the year for us, - said Ildous Karamov, deputy director of the boiler equipment factory’s sales department of "Aguna". - The reason lies in its scale, and as part of the target audience. Results optimistic: we received a lot of positive feedback about our products, signed several strategic agreements and established contacts with potential partners interested in long-term cooperation with us”.

Annually leading both domestic and foreign companies show here innovative technologies for energy companies. In the exhibition BOILERS & BURNERS 2016 displayed:

  • The line of automated vortex gas-oil burners series GMVA, GMVT2 and GMVAT capacity from 0.8 to 50 MW, gas-tight line steam boilers FE performance from 10 to 30 tons of steam per hour, the line of gas-tight hot water boilers KV-GM from 1.2 to 209 MW from a group of "TEP-Holding" companies.
  • Development of "Belgorod boilers" - hydronic "Monolit" gas boiler. The unique properties of this boiler will allow it in the future to supplant traditional fire-tube boilers.
  • Coal boilers long burning with the use of automation, innovative and ecological burning technology for residential and industrial premises Production LLP "Karplaz" (Kazakhstan).
  • Regulator stabilizer pressure from "Termobrest" company. Scope of instrument: regulation and metering nodes of gas supply, gas supply small apartment houses and cottage-type houses.
  • New gas Ariston water heaters designed for individual use, as well as a new series of conventional gas boilers, codenamed X. The main novelty among the flowing gas water heater model has an average price segment FAST R, wherein mechanical change power when changing the water flow, thereby maintaining a stable temperature level.

And it's not all the novelties of the field presented at the exhibition. Virtually in every booth you can get acquainted with the developments in 2016 and the updated product lines. Along with the exhibition Boilers and Burners the International Congress «Energy-Saving and Power Efficiency – Dynamics of Growth» took place on 4-7
October 2016.

As a part of the plenary section an integrated approach in the energy sector development at the present stage, energy efficiency of industrial and municipal energy was discussed. One of the key activities of the program - the round table "Improving the Efficiency and Reliability of Heat Supply: Problems and Solutions." The roundtable was organized to discuss the current issues and prospects of development of regional heating systems, decision-making and subsequent accounting for them in the development of the strategic document. Over the four days of the Congress, the participants of the business program were offered a range of optimal energy efficiency solutions, in particular, the presentation of innovative projects implemented in specific enterprises Russian energy sector.

The exhibition hosted the annual professional contest "Innovative Solutions in Energy- Saving." Competition Commission has determined the best companies in the following categories:

  • “For the successful implementation of advanced solutions in the energy and industry" - JSC "TEP-Holding" (Biysk);
  • “For the contribution to the development of innovation" - "Heat Transfer" OOO (Sevastopol);
  • “The best innovative solution for heating" - OOO "North Company" (Leningrad region).

Jointly with Boilers & Burners exhibition ROS-GAS-EXPO and Energy-Saving.Power Efficiency. Innovative Technologies and Equipment 2016 took place.

Over 300 exhibitors from 16 countries took part in the exhibition. 7 200 specialists from 216 cities and 22 countries have visited the trade fair.